Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Nineteen *wink*.

Finally decided to blog after all the sleep I had. I had a valid reason to sleep non-stop. After my crazy nineteen, I fell sick the following night, shivering & ended up with a fever that lasted for two night *Yes, please feel guilty if you are one of the lots that make me drink alcohol as if its water!*. Went home the third day & accompanied my dad to some dinner because mom was tired & I got food poisoning *or according to my dad, water poisoning because the whole table was drinking liquor & I was the only one drinking Chinese Tea because I feel sick even from the smell of whisky & brandy*. The food poisoning lasted for 3 days & the only good thing that came out of it I guess was that I managed to develop a very close-relationship with my new lover, Mr.Toilet Bowl, from all the vomit & s**t.

My nineteen over at Bar Celona was a blast, despite of the club & crowd. Sadly, I can't think of anything that I can't do while I was 18 and can do while I'm 19. So life's still pretty much the same after 18. I'm touched with all my friends who managed to came although I did cried like an hour before I went to Pyramid because Tiong, Mark & Julian were stuck in Kuantan. Thanks guy for speeding all the way back to KL for my birthday. I'm touched. Thanks Bunny for baking the chocolate brownie as a cheer-up-gift. Thanks Wei Hua for surprising me with it at the car & both of you singing birthday song in all languages over at Steven Garden. Thanks to.. Shit. Plenty of thanks. Awhh. I think I'll show my appreciation in another way then to thanks everybody one by one here!

Tons of friends were there whether they were invited or not & bottles were finished till the last drop. I didn't know how many bottles we managed to consume but as far as I know the digits is in double. Gosh. I can say out loud that everybody was awesome & you guys make the night out of everything & nothing. I'm really happy despite all the up & down I went through.

Before you guys move on to the pictures *beware, tons of pictures showing my red-as-an-apple-face & drunken smile*, there's a few things I would love to say.

1st: Below 42 Vodka sucks! Please do not ever order it. Water *which they say is tasteless* taste way much better!

2nd: The songs were lovely that night, thanks to DJ Ken. Lol. Even while I was kinda blur, I hear tons of Happy Birthday from Ken at intervals. Lol. Thanks lots Ken!!

3rd: Awhhh. To those who made it, I'm touched! Really! Sorry for all the emo words I threw at you guys!

4th: For those who can't made it, it's okay! We'll all see each other soon =)

5th: Thanks again to all my dear friends! Thanks for everything. Especially the Gucci necklace! Now I'm sounding materialistic. Haha. Nah. I just love the necklace. Even my parents agreed that its nice.

Picture time!
Cake cutting moments. Sadly to say, on the same night next year, there will only be TWO big candles grazing at my cake. I guess it's time to admit I'm growing up =C
Chuck San, Jeanie sis & Me! Gosh! Been so long I since you girls lar! Sorry if I neglected you guys that night!
Few of the girls again! Including my dear, Gillian this time. My sis's hug's one of the best *wink*
Well, actually, this picture which I forgotten was taken by whom, most probably Kenry, he was supposed to take the picture above but he took our legs. ==" Lol.
Me & my 13 years-counting-on sister! Love you lotssss!
One of my babe! Thanks for the lovely night!!
Catherine's friend, me & Catherine! Thanks for coming. Why lah leave early?
Group picture!! Me, Kor, Renee, Kenry & Sis!
Some of the snap-snap moments!
A sister that I never had, the love of her life & me. Congrats once again on the opening of your shop =)
One of the attendant that night. Lol. He was going on non-stop fetching glasses, ice, mixer, stuffs you need. Lol. Poser betul!

Funny moment!
Home-made brownie. Thanks!
Lastly. Make a wish. I seriously hope that my wish comes true. I'll tell you guys if my wish did came true.

There's more pictures but I'm lazy. Sorry =)

Loves!! Time for bed!!

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