Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I wonder what I'm doing here.

Seriously, I know I'm in deep shit since I only manage to study like 50% of what I'm supposed to study & I still have the mood to log in & crap here. Maybe it acts as a form of release? I guess so =P There's so much to post, my out-of-sudden Port Dickson trip, a few friend's birthday *inclusive of many belated birthday wishes.. dun blame me XD* & of course my recent thoughts. Anyhow some friends asked me a few questions a few weeks back. One of it was why I never blog about the places and food that I went to eat. Ergh, I guess I'm too lazy to charge my camera's battery & snap pictures of the food because I just dived into the food every time its served? In fact I have some delicacies pictures stored in my computer somewhere but I'm too lazy to post XD And I don't blog about some of the places that I eats in because I'm leaving that for a surprise *and a mystery* for a few of my friends who are still in overseas & promising them a trip to the so-called-makan-tempat? But its true that I do spend most of my $$ on food and I always eat around all the time. I can drive all the way to Seremban for a bowl of noodles then back. Yap, that's what I do & that's what my friend refer to as crazy! Anyhow I'll try to blog more about my food *& also my rising weight?* That's just a promise to try XD

Anyhow, I need release!! I'm so stressed up now. My mind is filled with all this random cases I studied and its getting confusing which is which. I had a long talk with my mom today too. Fuck. This is just so random.

Back to urgh, laws?

Edited: There's so many birthdays this month! I ended up spending most of my time attending them & money buying present! And there is more birthdays to come! I didn't know so many people give birth in June!!!! November is even unbearable but its my birthday so I guess its better than ONLY attending other people's birthday since I get a share of the gifts and fun too XD?

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