Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Last paper tomorrow!

Finally, the examination is coming to an end =) I'm relief. But there's so many things to do after exams and there's so little time I have. And I still got to pack for my trip to Melbourne which is like in 5 days time? Can't wait to see my brother, his girl & all my babes over there. Gosh.

But first things first.

Right after exam tomorrow, I'm going to do something to my hair. The question now would be how short would I want it to be? Am still thinking =)

Dinner with my fellow Subang kakis is a must too!

Getting myself a new laptop!!

Hanging out with Chin Sook Lee. Too much to catch up. I want details =P

Wants to watch Transformer: The Revenge of the Fallen! *provided if I have the time* if not I'll watch it when I'm in Melbourne then.

Meets Ian!!! He made a list of promises, from yummilicious desserts to Jazz bars to swimming sessions to drinking mode! By one at a time, pllleeeaaassseeee!!!

Find Gillian Ng Choi Yen. Lol. She had been emo-ing me for the past few weeks for ignoring her because of my exams. Sayang balik =)

I got only 4 days left in KL. Shit. The list goes on. I decided not to think about it. Yet.

Back to studies now!

Oh ya, btw, I'm tired of answering the same questions so I'm gonna repeat just once more. I'm going over to Melbourne just for a vacation not for my studies. Another yet. When I leave for my studies I'll definitely tell k? Next question, why Melbourne of all place? Because I miss my brother & babes too much & I ran out of places to go. See, I had been travelling here & there, SABAH for most of my holidays, islands and tourist spots during weekends & lots of Asian countries these days with my parents because they got bored of Europe for now. I'm definitely leaving Europe till I have more money so I can backpack with my darling & my parents is complaining that I had been to Europe twice, yaa daa yaa daa... As for States, I'm still considering the working option during my summer.

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