Monday, June 15, 2009

My new hairstyle.

The much-needed-courage popped out of nowhere & I finally cut it short =) Good *a.k.a the damage ends* 4-5 inches off. Anywayz its not that s-h-o-r-t yet. I'm planning to cut another 2-3 inches off by next week. Cheers to my new found courage! Its goodbye to damaged hairs & welcome to better ones! This is how it looks like for now anyway. Picture taken a few days back!

Love it? Hate it? I adore it. But its irritating to me that it isn't short enough! Another trip to Yang's is much needed!
Poser sial =P

Back to my studies! Planning to take a short nap *God knows if I can wake up =P* before studying my Authorship & Writing!

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