Saturday, June 21, 2008

Siaw Vun a.k.a. Honey's burfday 08/06

Back 2 sum older posts that I had been wanting to post on but the pics were stuck inside my camera.. I guess some closer frens sure had heard of what happened on between me & honey.. But I can assured you everything is okay although we sees each other lesser compared to the previous year due to some family probs (her side not mine).. It's her burfday anywayz & she celebrated earlier due to finals.. It was all about burning chicken wings & sausages, drinking games & gambling.. Later on Tiong & the bunch came over (b'cox I made them do so) 2 accompany me.. Between what happened between me & her & wid tons of strangers over there.. The nite is kinda emotional, fun, boring, interesting, all kind of feelings merged 2gether^^"
A picture of me wid my burfday darling.. Anyway all the pics was taken after the drinking games & stuffs.. So.. I was all high & hot & messy.. Gah.. 2 hell wid my looks =)
Up: Group pic of honey, me, Andrew & his frens & Mei..
Down: Me & Terence (You can notice how hot it is wid all my hair getting wet due to swear & sticking on to my forehead)

Up: Me & Daren.. He loves posing for the camera.. Camwhoring guys!! Lols.. He's one of the reason I drank so much.. He made me lose in the so-called-drinking-game that almighty-he created..
Down: Daren & honey sharing burfday cakeys & camera pose..
Up: Another burfday kiss for mwah burfday honey..
Down: Well.. As usual.. Can't expect anything good from this so-called-Tiong guy.. I forget what we was doing at that time that make us post this way.. The ugly side of me.. Lols.. But was having tons of fun!

Up: Gambling session.. Abel lost at the end.. A lesson had been taught : Stop when you're winning.. Lols.. Down: Honey getting tipsy & raining kisses..

It's a fun/emotional nite for me.. Anyway I spend some time thinking on what to buy for her.. Ended up getting her 2 pressies which is not something luxury but memorable.. Hope you'll love it hon!

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