Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My finals is startin' 2moro... 1st paper.. Media Studies =)
Another paper on the day after 2moro.. Management *I can't fail this subject!!!!*
It's a week of holidays *yippee*
My last paper.. (which is the subject I hated the most) aCcoUnt!!! I seriously hate this subject.. Oh Gosh!!!

But by the time I'm finish wid this paper (and pass it) then I can stay away from account forever & ever amen...

Wheeee... Many people's burfday is coming up too.. I got my darling's.. Got Ken a.k.a. Panda =P.. Got my honey's.. Plenty plenty more.. July lagi worst.. Dun wanna think about it =P

Serious shit.. I can't wait for the finals to end.. Then I'm gonna.. Guess what?????? Nahh.. Not having fun.. Not partaying.. I'm gonna sleep 9 9.. "I tell you ahh.. Is really damn 7 9 9 that one you know!!!" Lolz.. Anywayz.. I can't wait for darling kay to be back.. Actually Kay refers to Sek Kee.. But her cantonese is Kay ma =P.. Darling.. Be back faster k??? We go yamcha.. Then talk talk talk talk talk talk talk & talk like nobody's business..

Btw.. My lappie is repair.. So I'm gonna upload some pics after my 2 papers which will be this weekend.. Muackz.. Wish me luck ya???

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