Sunday, June 1, 2008


Hey there mwah frensss... I know this blog can be certified dead due to NO UPDATES at all.. Just to inform you guys.. My lappie went haywire again.. And my finals is next week.. Busy with studying, assignments, revision, no time to online summore.. You guys can see I dun even login to my friendster account.. But I still do go out sumtimes as Carter is back *I miss him* Gg.. Lolz.. Kidding kidding.. Dun misunderstood k?? There's some candid pics I took while studying & clubbing & wid frens.. Will post it when I finish my exams k? Oh ya.. And I'M F***ING SICK.. Still sick.. Flu & cough not cured yet =C Panadol activfast is earning lots due me this "setia" customer =D

Take k guys.. Love ya all & miss ya all.. *This is dedicated to those I had not seen for some time*

Call me if you guys wanna contact me k? Cox wouldn't be online much or blogging much till after finals^^!

XOXOXO - Cris...

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