Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maison.. It's been so long..

Stop going over to Maison for quite some time.. The last time I went was like during Feb?? Oh gosh.. How much I miss the place & it's music.. No comment when compared to Master K's songs as each have their own different style.. But the atmosphere & people is way much better.. Suprisingly.. It wasn't that pack that Thursday.. Went wid Daniel & his bunch.. Was actually planning to meet up wid my sis over there.. Ya she's back!!!! Hrmmm but end up meeting tons & tons of other ppl.. Ppl that I kinda lost contact on.. Sry guys =) Was a lil busy here & there.. But it's a nice change as it was mostly Bar Celona or Bar Club lately =)

Bumped into Kelvin & his bunch (gaming freaks!!!), Jason/MunLing/GayLou/KitYee/etc.. (high skool seniors which used to be my so-called-family), sum college mates from Sunway.. Oh ya.. & Steph.. Lolz.. She was talking to Jeanie & didn't recognize me.. Lolz.. It was pretty fun.. Watching Euro Cup all the way as we switched sit to the lower level just for some distorted TV!!! Not a match that all of us enjoyed bcox Daniel, Derek, Andrew, Jason, Jackson.. All bet on the wrong team!! Lolz..

Up: Me wid my darling sister.. Yeap.. I'm free to admit that I'm fucking happy that she's back^^"
Down: Me wid Jason.. Neva seen him for around one year I guess..

Up: Me, Tiffany & Emily.. Seeing them reminds me of my high skool times.. Up: Me, Jeanie & Steph.. Grabbed it from Steph's blog XP I should seriously remind myself not to hunch my back...

Down: Lalalalaa.. This picture wasn't taken at Maison but at Bar Celona (which me & sis went on the nite b4) And mui's getting all crazee when she decided that she wanted to dance on the bar top & nearly pulled the curtain off the ceiling.. Lolz.. Gila betul la dik ini..

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