Saturday, June 21, 2008

Maison 19/06

Yeap.. I'm getting lazy & tiling up pics in order to save time.. I had been lying on the bed wid my lappie on my legs for hours.. I went over to Maison again.. Yeap.. I guess I still prefer Maison over Bar Celona but it do feels a teeny winny bit weird of not going over to Bar Celona 2 weeks in a row.. It's just that I had gotten so use to Bar Celona wid the staffs and Ken (the Dj over there on Thursday) & all the yakking yakking sessions.. Anyhow.. Even after all these long break from Maison, the moment I reach I still have all my buddies.. This week was packer compared to the previous & the result was me meeting up more wid the old bunch.. Kent was there too.. He was catching his fligh around 6 a.m. later going back to Guangzou for 2-3 weeks I guess.. My high skool frens was there (those that I met up last week as in Jason, Emily, etc..) but wid more this week including Sam & Yeoh.. Nen was there.. Steph was there.. Sis was there (but the funny thing is she got blacklisted.. Lolx.. Long story.. But I was a lil pissed off wid her that nite.. Sry that I scolded you k sayang..) Kelvin was there.. My whole bunch of Monash kakis was there.. Daniel was there.. Hrmmm I guess you get the picture.. There's still tons.. Each wid their own bunch (in it with a few I know each bunch) so do the calculations!!

Anyhow I promised that I'll club less as it's holidays.. Lols.. Most people would choose hols to do most of the clubbing & partaying but not me.. This is b'cox after moving out for the whole sem, I feel like spending more time wid my parents as during skool times, I only spend my weekends wid them.. So now it's back to Cheras.. Spending time wid my parents.. Old Cheras kakis.. All the yamchas.. Lazing around.. Going to cybers.. Mamaks.. Yakking yakking.. Blowing water.. Eating.. Sleeping.. Road trips =)

Up: Me & Kent.. Well.. Hrmm.. He used to be my ex long long time ago.. Anyhow we're still frens^^"
Down: Me & Ah Lun.. He came wid Kelvin & I couldn't even recognize him at 1st!!!

Up: The poser is back.. Lolz.. Daren Daren.. Bumped into him.. & he decided to camwhore AGAIN!!

Down: The combinations of random shots throughout the evening.. There's me wid Steph, Wid Julian, THE KISS doesn't mean a thing k? Pics wid Jackson.. Mark & Daniel showing me their middle finger for no reasons.. Daren & me again.. Me & Kelvin.. Nen starting to blur off so I caught him laughing himself.. Lolz..

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