Saturday, June 21, 2008

Home Sweet Home =)

Moved back to Cheras 2day.. Just finish posting up like 4-5 or maybe even 6 posts wid pics & everything.. Been infront of my lappie for hours but am feeling happy that I finally get to post up everything =) Holidays had started & some of my frens is going back to their hometown.. Will be missing them much..

But at the same time.. Plenty of my kakis who had went overseas are all coming back.. Wheeee.. Talking about meeting up & spending time 2gether again.. Promises made to those in Aussie that I'll transfer over to Melb either by Feb 2009 or July 2009, depending on my results (I was kinda lazing around during my 1st sem XD) Anyhow I'm practically living in another time zone now.. It's 4 sumthing in the morning & I'm still bright awake.. Used to it dy I guess.. I had been sleeping in the morning, waking up in the evening for past few months.. Well.. Since it's hols.. I got nothing to worry about as I could sleep all I want.. But I promised many frens that I'll do catching up wid them as I'm finally back =)

Actually I'm a lil worried about my results but no point thinking about it now as there's no going back.. What is done is done =) I'll just worried about it when it comes out then.. Till then.. I'll pamper myself wid spas, facials, food, sleep, vacations & yakking sessions.. Being the dad I sayang the most, he bought a fish spa package for me that consist of 60 sessions for my use =) He didn't even told me that he plans to buy it.. He jus came home & told me that he bought it & I could use all I want to.. Bring some frens along too if I wanted to.. One session @ its normal price cost around Rm38 and @ its package price it cost around Rm10.. I promised Gillian eons ago I'll go wid her again & now wid the package.. Wheeee... 10x dad! Muacksss! Kisses for my dad..

I'm gonna sign off now & find some other things to do.. Maybe call up sum frens who's living in the same time zone like me.. I had post all I want to post.. & it had taken me effing long!!! So dun nag me on not posting any posts.. Check it out k =) All you gotta do is scroll down sayangs..

I'm missing those who are coming back & those who are leaving anyway..

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