Friday, June 13, 2008

"Study" Time^^

It's examination time for Monash students so everybody is studying hard.. Well.. But for some students (like me) 24-hours of studying is impossible.. So we decided to study smart.. Play hard.. Lolz.. We took up the empty classroom at Building 9.. Me, Tiong, Able, Mark, K *the "Able" family* (except for the missing Julian.. Hmph!) is studying hard for Management.. Ming Yu came over for no reasons but to disturb us.. He's from KDU so he can chill sikit.. Was studying studying studying.. Then.. Suddenly.. It's our famous cards time again =) Did I tell you guys? Everyday pasti ada card session for us.. Sometimes it's poker.. Sometimes it's "chor dai di".. Sometimes it's blackjack.. We ended up playing "chor dai di" & instead of betting $$.. We decided the loser (the one who hold too many cards) will get drawn.. The step for guys go like, 1st time losing, drawings on chest/breast.. 2nd time, on stomach.. 3rd time, on the middle area, ribcage I supposed.. 4th time, on the back.. Hrmmm 5th time, on hrmm.. The ASS!!! Lolz.. For gurls (I'm the only gurl T_T) it's on the whole hand and face..

Havinh the time of our life.. Lols.. Everybody did lose.. Except for Mark.. OMIGOSH!! His cards was like *wow* so everybody ended up being dissastified by Mark as he's the only one who's clean after the 2 hour card games^^"

For special moments like these.. Pictures.. MUST BE TAKEN!! Lolz.. I got plenty of it.. Like around 50++ pics.. But too lazy dy.. Post a few enuff =P Enjoy enjoy.. Farneeee wei.. Lolz..

Up: Able get drawn on the stomach.. The smiley face.. Was freaking cute when he moves his stomach!! Lolz...!!

Down: Tiong's chill out look.. He said use to the feeling dy.. Look at his hrmm breast =X Already kenna draw dy.. 2nd time losing.. The picture on his stomach was supposed to be some hrmmm girl spreading her legs.. But the face look macam pontinak pulak!!

Up: K's turn.. I think the guys are starting to run out of idea on wat to draw.. So you can see one side of K's chest is jus plain scribble which all the guys say itch alot when they hrmm draw over the nipple^^"

Down: Ming Yu's turn.. One side scribble.. One side star.. Anyway he lost jus one time =) Lucky him..

Up: Able lost damn alot.. Seriously.. He ended up being drawn on the back too =-="" By MARK!! Lols.. My pen ran out of ink T_T

Down: 3 guys being drawn (that time only half the process of the game)

Finally.. My group picture =) All the losers.. Lolz.. I get drawn on my hand.. But can't see.. They was trying to copy Mark's fishy tattoo.. But ended up looking like a child's drawing of ice cream with a smiley face =-="" Lolz.. Anyway... Fun nite!! LALALALA.. Can't wait till the finals end =)

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