Saturday, June 14, 2008


Sorry guys.. There's still lots of pics in my camera.. But now it's my USB hub turn to malfunction.. Urgh.. Talk about bad luck.. Anywayz I'll try to upload it A.S.A.P. k^^? Actually the pics in my camera is basically on hrmmm another study time activity =) Cutey hair I did for Tiong.. Lolz.. And some pics on a reunion wid my sis.. Yeap.. She's back from camp.. Went Bar Celona wid her and Redford.. And finally pics on Thursday nite out to Maison (been so long since I go there.. Am suprised that I still met up wid plenty of frens there) But after Maison I dropped by Bar Celona while to meet up wid some other frens too.. But only half an hour.. Ken hav sum awesome nice new songs!! Way to go *wink*

Sorry for lack of updates nowadays.. I'll try to see what's wrong wid my comp.. Sobs..

Love you guys.. Wow.. Everybody is flocking back to KL soon.. Happy =) My darling.. Amelia woman.. Ian.. Boi.. Matt.. Shin.. Nash.. Ting.. Wow wow wow.. =)

- XoxoxO - Cris - Muackz -

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