Saturday, June 21, 2008

The day finals are over.. Gg..

Finally.. Account is over.. The whole bunch of us are pissed, down, emo.. Wateva you called it as all of us either have 1 hour of sleep or non at all.. & Wid the sun out & showering us with HEAT.. Non of us could feel worst.. Julian headed off to find some "entertainment" while all of us headed to Gold Chili 2 grab some food while waiting for Yang 2 wake up as the guys wants me 2 bring them over 2 my fren's saloon.. It's Ken's burfday the nite b4 & I did drop by @ Bar Celona for around 2 hours but ended up getting effing drunk.. I wasn't meant to go.. But b'cox of Yang & sum freaking threat from Ken himself, I ended up going.. While waiting the guys to do their hair.. I ended up going to Ken's studio (which is rite above the saloon) to grab some sleep.. As Ken himself made me go to his burfday.. I deserve to sleep and thrash his studio.. Lols..

Dozing off for bout an hour or two.. Woke up.. Feeling worst than ever.. Wander down to the saloon.. The guys are still doing their hair.. So I decided to wash mine too.. Not gonna cut it anytime soon.. I regrets cutting fringe so it's the torturing period now where my hair is not-long-not-short.. All I ever do is clip it up cox it seriously does irritates me!! Yang decided to perm my hair instead of blowing it straight.. So there it goes.. End up I look like a freaking aunty (but only at 1st).. Lolz.. The guys took 4 hours to do their hair.. Was planning to go Genting after that but Daniel wanted to do his hair at somewhere else & lots of fucking comments from Abel on $$ ended up some of us went back pissed off.. Catch a few hours of beauty sleep.. Then met up wid Julian & K when we decided to go for Sushi!!

Went to Taman Tun to meet up wid Daniel, Jessica, Mark, Abel after that.. Saw Jesicca for the 1st time.. Hrmm.. To be frank, she's not as hot as Daniel described.. After weeks of boosting on how hot & a beauty she is, I expected sumthing more.. Maybe I'm just being picky or she's just not my cuppa.. I had likings for WOMANLY females or feminine types.. Elegance =) Headed to Bamboo9 then Platinum wid Daniel & his bunch after that.. & I camwhored in Titanium's washroom.. Seriously.. I love the washroom like crazy & it got me all pumped up (a lil alcohol adding up to my estacy) & I start snapping.. Lolz.. Playing drinking games, lazing around at the comfy sofas.. Listening to house music & life bands.. Talking bout the life bands.. They can sing WELL!! After that it was CoCo Banana to meet up wid Alex & Tsuki (Titanium closes around 1 sumthing) then to Bar Celona for mee goreng & football match.. Finally Tiong came & fetch me & we went to Jaafar for food again XD

Up: Julian's wasabi-rush.. Lolz.. He ate too fast.. & this is the result.. But he seems to enjoy it so much that he decided to do it again.. LMAO..
Down: The weird-looking sushi that I dared K & Julian to try.. Actually it's octopus (how to you spell octopus??) soak in wasabi..

Up: Well.. That's the guys reaction while trying the sushi out..
Down: K was fooling around wid my camera & decided to take a pic of me due to "eye bags"

Up: The bunch of alcoholics whom I love lots!!

Down: This is the amazing toilet I fall in love wid.. & it got Versace all over it.. Logos, borders, perfumes..

Camwhoring sessions starting.. For a few minutes.. Please lemme share wid you guys my self-actualisation side.. Lolz.. I can't help it.. & here you can see my maggi hair =-=" I still don't get it why they will said it's maggi.. I thought maggi hair should be either Sparrow perm or wats-the-other-perm called dy.. It's hols.. 4giv me for my brain-breakdown..

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