Saturday, June 21, 2008

Went Genting wid Chris & Gillian dearyy.. Sat limousine up to meet my dad.. We were bored wid KL & the stuffy weather so when daddy asked, we all agreed.. Walked around, enjoying the cool breezy weather when we came accross a mini fish spa.. Lolz.. Since we got nothing better to do, me & Gillian decided to go for it.. Lolz..

Belows are 2 pics of Tiong being "harassed" by me in the library while studying for Accounts.. Due to unknown reasons, I hate Accounts like crazee & got bored of it after 5 minutes of reading.. So I decided to play wid Tiong's hair.. Revenge time *wicked grin* Everybody was laughing like mad.. Lolz.. I guess the whole bunch of us enjoy some entertainment while studying.. We aren't those who agreed to study 2gether, sit down & each bcame absorbed wid their own studies.. I guess I'll miss them during hols T_T"

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