Saturday, October 11, 2008

*Blink Blink* & you'll be flying back to UK =C

Me & my precious darling, Kay.. Loves!!

I'm sad to say out loud that, my darling, Kay, is returning back to UK next Wednesday. Time seems to have pass so fast and *blink blink* she's going back again. I'm gonna miss her lots & lots. Although we don't exactly see each other everyday, but it is comforting to know that if I wanted to see you, I just need to drive over & there you are but when you're in UK, it's like, urghh..

Hence, she decided to gather up the bunch out for tea session over at Fun OK. Hrmm, it had been some time since I had seen my high school friends, the last time was during Yee Yin's farewell. Lots of people who I hadn't met for a long time was there, Billy, Hong Chin, Yin Ying, Jeleine, Su Wen, etc. Did some catching up, played some silly games. It's not something I do often & even the game is different from what I used to play with others, but anyhow, it's fun to do that once in a moment.

The next day, it's Kay, Sook Lee & me *the trio us* out to Gilly Cafe =) We used to be freaking close when we were in primary school, when 3 of us were prefects (amazing right? ME CRISTINE CHENG as prefect) Lol. We spend our time catching up, joking around, taking pictures but deep down inside me, I'm missing Kay more & more although she's still there with me but I can't help thinking she's leaving in a few days time!
Wait for me over at UK k?? I will visit like I promised & we will head over to Italy or Spain for our vacation =)

Pictures time =)
Me, Kay, Su Wen, Yin Ying, Jeleine, San, Choon Fui, Kah Loon, Che Wei, Thian Huat, Hong Chin
(Billy left dy as he gotta go sing?) The whole bunch of us from Seri Suria.. Awhh.. High school time =)

The girls^^

Che Wei kor & me..

The two guys trying to act cute..

Kor trying to act cute.. AGAIN!

Haha.. Game time =) Darling trying to slap Choon Fui.. It's something like a dare game where the chosen ppl gotta do dare.. The dare is kinda mild compared to what I had played outside with other friends, but anyhow.. It's fun =)
Cha Cha dance, tickling movement, piggy-back ride, ear-licking, hair plucking, foot massage..
Kissing & face drawing =)

Me in car, camwhore sikit while waiting for Kay to go over to Gilly Cafe.. Kay bath really long! Ish!

Me & Sook Lee testing on our camera to adjust to the suitable lighting as it's kinda dark there..
The trio =) Kay, Sook Lee & Me
Me & darling!!!!! Sobbxx!!!!
Sook Lee & me... One of my babe =)
Kay & Sook Lee...

Actually there's lots of older pictures that I wanted to upload but it's all over at my laptop & I do not have my charger for my laptop over at home.. So.. Next time then =) Gonna be busy with my last assignment & revision =) Exam coming soon! Gambateh!

Loves =)

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