Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some time alone.

To all those who had been trying to find me throughout the weekend, I apologize.

I switched off my phone for three days, just switched it back on to find it cramped with miss calls notification & messages. I need some time alone so after my exam on Thursday & a night of sleep, I switched off my phone, needing some time alone from all & everything. The phone is now on again, and I'm back to my study mode for my next exam, Marketing, which is in one weeks away. Wish me all the best. Out of the few days, I didn't sort out much of my own thinking & emotions *yeah, which means I'm still a freaking emo bitch if I study from day till night with the stress* but I managed to gain plenty of rests & mentally ready to cramp & digest Marketing notes & lectures slide into it.

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