Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moments of cam-whoring =="

Headed over to Avenue K yesterday for Quattro's Lauching. As I had something to do before that, ended up I drove over myself without following Vicky's car like previously planned. I reached there early, ended up waiting myself at the car so decided to camwhore abit lar. Boring sial duduk dalam kereta alone!

Anyway there's one thing that still puzzles me. I thought Quattro's Launching was supposed to be yesterday (Thursday 16-10-2008) but why after I reached there, I received a message saying something like: "Quattro is now officially opened to everyone starting tomorrow!" Uh?! I was there on Thursday, CONFIRM, and it was opened & packed like hell but most of my friends say it open on Friday 17-10-2008. Is Thursday (the night I went on) something opened to friends & media only? I guess so. I didn't know anything about it because Vicky was the one who planned it! Grr. Someone answer me!

Anyway I'm too lazy to upload Quattro's picture yet, there's too many. I'll do it some other time. For now, see this! Lol! Don't laugh! I'm the one who's supposed to laugh only!

My favourite picture out of so many!
Compilations of four pictures together. I'm too lazy to upload it one by one so ended up I put four together.
Looking at God knows where. Obviously in a very fake way posing for camera. Don't blame me, was bored!
Last two =)

What do you guys think? I'm not born for the camera but once in a while, it's fun to camwhore when I'm bored with nothing to do! HoHo!

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