Monday, October 20, 2008

People & communication in between them.

I'm truly, utterly, tired, gone, whatever you guys call it.

These few days had been like, wake up at 10 something, study till I beh tahan end up falling asleep with my book beside me, woke up facing my book & continue to study. It's like a routine/cycle. Gosh. Tommy ended up saying I'm becoming a nerd o_O" *Shut up & go play your golf! Not everyone can study sports & play golf as their interest/studies on daily basis k?* Had been chatting online with lots of friends these few days, especially my darling Kay. She's back in UK, which makes me miss her even more. The saying goes, you never truly appreciate anything until it's gone. Which is kinda true because while she was back, I was super uper busy at that time, ended up telling myself I will find her next week or tomorrow since she's back for 3 months for good. End up I saw her well, quite a few times, but its never enough. Now she's back in UK.

In life, you or I or whoever get to meet 2 kinds of person. One is those who will come & go, in other words, just passing through your life. It doesn't matter if they are your friends or boyfriends. If they are not staying in your life for good, they are just passers-by. Another kind, is those who you met & is staying in your life. It doesn't matter if you know them just for a short while or they had been around for years before you notice them. I had met both kinds of person, learnt hard lessons from them, emotional-wise going up & down like a rollercoaster. Every night before I went to sleep, images of people came to my mind & my mind/heart surprised me. Take Amelia as an example, I'm sadly *filled with regrets* to say, we never get to know each other well enough when we was studying together last year *I miss those times* for some eh hem, private reasons which you woman might know or don't =X But she had been like what a true friend is supposed to be & I'm touched. At the same time, I had another few whom I thought was supposed to be my true friends while I was at Sunway *which was part of the reason* and ended up, they are just people who passed-by, dropping bits of memories here & there, and huge patches of injuries that I got to mend myself. There's much more similar cases that happened in the past like these one. Life's too short to meet enough people who will stay in your life & for me, its a sad case if you happen to meet one & ended up letting them go for people who doesn't matter.

Another thing that came into my mind these few days is about communication between 2 people. Misunderstanding tends to happen on a quite-a-frequent basis between 2 people which leads to arguments, fights, tears, anger, etc. Everyday some friend of mine will come to me & tell me this or that happened. I find myself in similar situations at times too. Ever wondered how you & someone can ended up at this situation? For me, most cases happen due to mis-communication. People tend to assume things like, "Oh I assume he knows it" "I thought it was this & that" etc. Don't keep things in your heart & if you really care for the opposite person whether it's your friend or lover, sister or brother, open up & tell them what you feel & think. Although they might not like it at first, at least they knew how you was thinking & what happen next depends on both of you. If you keep things in your heart, they will never know & misunderstanding might happen.

Loves =)

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