Friday, October 31, 2008



Ya, I literally mean bloody as in the oozing, red disgusting stuff. The bloody red liquid that flows in your body & out of a woman's body every month. Okay, I know period is much more than just blood but I didn't want to start explaining & boring you guys with what period is made off with all my biology facts *I miss my biology & chem classes*.

Why?? Why had it got to be now??

I didn't know much about other girls & I usually didn't experience pain or cramps like most other girls do, mine is a little bit worst then physical suffering. Mine normally came too much for too long & with my body already insufficient blood *I need blood donation*, it increases my risk to faint higher. Even in normal times, I have a very high risk to faint. One minute I'm talking & laughing, the next minute I faint & passed out for a while, then back again. Bunny experienced before in Canai Cafe while he was with me *he thought I was dead o_O* Besides that I'm constantly feeling dizzy. Maybe I should be a vampire & start going around, sucking other people's blood.

And talking about wrong my timing, my last paper is next Monday & in my current status, I can't pump like I previously did. Shit! Wish me luck anyway. I know my blog is pretty boring lately. Can't help it. I'm living a normal-student life now with only studies & examination.

Loves =)

Wait..... Forget to wish everyone around Happy Halloween. Enjoy yourself with this Hallmark event which comes once a year with your friends & dress up the best you could! No Halloween party for me because of exams. Happy Halloween!

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