Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One of my beliefs.

It was never the outcome that matters.
It is the process that matters.
It is if one has put in all her/his efforts, try her/his best in everything she/he do.
It is if one has done everything he/she can afford to do.
If one has done all the above, the one must realise the outcome is never in her/his power to control.
It is in the power of God & oneself and faith, where time, people, place & all little details matter a lot.
Try one's best & thou shall never regret.

This is one of my own belief for a long time, but sometimes, in reality, it is the outcome that matters but if you think back yourself, the outcome is matter to the people on your side to see, not yourself. You, yourself, is truly the one who gain in the process. I'm feeling down these few days & had been going through lots of thinking on my own. I remember this belief of my own and decided to share it. It is writen by me myself and if there is any mistake in the words, please forgive me.

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