Thursday, October 16, 2008

Of Movies & Life.

Been digging up my old collections of television dramas out to watch while studying recently. I'm not the one who can sit still in front of a book & start studying as if there's no tomorrow. End up, I think the best way is to open up an old set of dramas & watch it. Why old? Well. The first reason will be I appreciate old things whether it is books, dramas, songs, comics, etc. & never get bored of it because I'll only collect it up if I'm interested in it. Second, since I have watched it before, I will not spend all the time watching the drama instead of studying.

I had been bad recently, getting out of track & a little lost. I called Ian this morning & he screwed me up. I'm sorry I lost my temper on you, I really don't mean it & I know you did all that because you care for me *I hope I'm not wrong*. Maybe it might really be because I mix with the wrong person but I'm not going put the blame on the person or use me being stressed up as a excuse. I think no matter what happened, it will be myself who is to blamed because if I hadn't want to do it, nobody can force me to. I'm sorry that I sounded offenced & harsh on the phone but I really understood what you were trying to tell me just now. Thanks baby. & I miss you lots. I'm glad that every time I did something wrong or that would end up hurting myself, you were there to drive me out of my foolishness, correct me, scold me if it's needed, pointing out the truth to me eventhough like you said, you didn't gain anything out of that beside making me sad or angry (or both!). But I really do appreciate it & I'll promise myself & you to try my best to think clearly & further on everything I do next time.

A Journey Called Life. This drama reminds me of consequences of greed, drugs, abortions, alcohols, etc. It is not something that I never know, but just sometimes, I tend to forget about it. A meaningful drama, with the actors repeating the same phrase throughout the movie which I'm sorry I can't type it out here because this computer can't type out Chinese words but I think if the translation is right, it will means the "always having your foot to remain on ground as a person". Do not try to fly in your life. It can be your dreams, it can be your fantasy but if you did things you are not supposed to do in order to achieve your dreams and fantasies, the one that end up getting hurt will be you yourself. Be a "real" person & stay on the reality side & do what you're supposed to do.
I'm not the person who upload every single poster on the movies I had watched but since I upload the other one, I was thinking of uploading this one together with another one "Money No Enough 2", but I can't find the picture for that movie =C Anyway Disaster Movie have nothing that I want to talk about beside it's a very silly film with lots of humor. Watched this movie the other day with Bunny because both of us went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch & didn't want to return so soon to face our books again so we decided to watch a comedy for fun & try to relax for a hour and a half before returning & start hitting on our books again.

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