Friday, October 24, 2008

My dear Gillian's birthday =)

This is a post on 11st September 2008. Yeah, I know its so long ago but I only found the time to upload it now because the pictures were in my another comp, so forgive me XD

A very happy day indeed, its my dear's 19th birthday. Happy birthday dear! She's one of the very few, who was always there for me, been through thick & thin, supporting me all the way, showering me with her love & care. I'm blessed to have a friend like her and I'll do what I could to make her happy like what she did to me.

Her boyfriend, Chris, my fellow friend too XD had his birthday 2 days before her, so they decided to celebrate it with just a few friends again. They came over to BarCelona, so that it was nearer to me to go. It was such a last minute decision, ended up I baked her a cake.

Happy 19th Birthday Dear. Love you lots! Muacks!

My dear with my distorted birthday cake. Sorry, I was really rushing to bake it & 10x to all those who say that they enjoy the cake =)Me & my Dear *loves*
Me & Ikky =D One of my dear other babe. Knew her for some time dy. She's one of the "voice of reason" when you ever needed some.All the girls =) Please, the girl behind is a girl! She might be a tomboy but please don't misunderstand. She's deary to all. Finally, the happy couple, Chris & Gillian =) WooHoo. Chris is a dear friend of mine too in fact, he's always supporting me too. Its good to have your bestfriend's boyfriend as your dear friend too, because then we can always hang out together =D

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