Friday, July 4, 2008

I can't find my camera & my card reader!!!

Seriously.. I remember seeing BOTH my camera AND my card reader b4 I went out 2day.. But.. I jus can't find it right now?? Did I left it in my car or sumthing?? Gah!!! Gosh!!!

Anyway I was really busy for the past few days.. Did lots of stuff.. Went to lots of places.. Kay's back here for good.. Ian came (and went away again) which makes me miss him lots.. But I had the most amazing 2 days wid him.. Threw Kay a surprise party (in which she was really shocked!).. Sis came and stayed over at my house.. Ah.. Details I would had post it later on specific posts wid the pics..

I still gotta go back to Sunway & move some stuff 2moro.. Lots of stuffs happened.. Anyway I'm worried about my Sem 1's results.. I did very badly.. & I'm worried about my credit card's bill too!! Wonder how much I spent this month.. I can see my stacks of bills growing thicker & thicker inside my wallet.. Sobs.. Will post more 2moro!! Nites!!!

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