Saturday, March 14, 2009

2 days in a row.

Was out meeting up with my kakis these 2 days in a row. See, since I moved back to Cheras, I was like a hermit in my own house, locking myself up & not going out for a long long time. Was feeling kinda lazy to go out & had some serious backache past few days. Decided to stay over in Subang after class on Friday *which is yesterday* to find my silly people. First stop was ID Saloon where I get a bit of nagging from Yang for neglecting him for so long. Trimmed my hair & blowed straight *that's why you can see many camwhoring pics in this post =P* for the day, its still curl & before I leave Yang was like "You can find me for tea you know, not only when you need your hair cut!". Uh uh. See, we used to hang out like almost on daily basis last year so its like I had completely disappear for 4 months or so.

Next stop, Gillian's boutique! Its located in Summit, just opened like 3 months back in the past. The boutique sell more on guys cloths but still, theres this small section of female cloths & the price is really cheap *thats the market over in Summit anyway. Sell any pricey stuff & you'll be saying sayonara* Anyhow she made me try on this dress which turns out to be okay & I start snapping pictures because my hair is straight for the day so its kinda different *its jus reason for me to take out my camera & start snapping anyway*
This is the dress. Please ignore my bra strap anyhow. What do you guys think?
Billy called me up for some directions over to Holiday Villa but I couldn't get what he was saying at first because he keeps on tell me its called HOTEL WIRA located somewhere in Subang which I had never heard of during my 2 years stay there. Lol! Billy ah Billy! Anyhow I love this pic! It makes my face look much more slimmer =C
Another silly pose while waiting for him to get his car moving so that I can direct him!
And its me!
And me again =="
Oh, dear got extension for her tattoo, its not done yet. 2 more trips are required before the complete version is done. I had always wanted a tattoo but my dad say he will kill me if I get one. My belly ring is already offending him mentally!
And the cute couple T-shirts the boutique is currently selling!
Another version. There's tons of other design too. Really cute one!
And this is the painting that took Michelle the whole night. Its awesome. I make her send me the picture. Its all painted by my oh-so-dear Michelle who's gonna design my bridemaid's dresses in the future! Haha!

Anyhow went over to Damansara Uptown later for Hokkien Mee with the whole bunch. I missed them lots =C We used to hang out in Benta while I'm still staying back at Sunway. Brian is still Brian, Michelle, Wei Hua is still filled with nonsense *which is really good!* & Joe Win had decided to demolish his one-stick-per-day plan! Hoho!

Day 2

As you can see, my hair is still straight in this picture because I decided no to wash my hair YET cause I cant resist meeting up with the others with my straight hair! Haha.
While waiting for the time to pass, another picture is taken. *snap snap* Anyhow headed over to Pavilion around 6-ish for dinner & movie! The friends are being funny as usual! Wanted to watch the movie "Race To The Witch Mountain" or something but only the first row are left so we decided to watch this cartoon on my suggestion: The Tale of Despereaux! Bought the tickets & went over to Sakae Sushi for our dinner. Had my beef *yummy* & some side order of sushi chosen by Wei Lip! The others duty is just to eat! And I manage to get the pair of heels that I wanted that ran out of size over in Pyramid! I'm officially broke! See, I was already broke because of my shopping spree the other day & I still went ahead & bought another pair of heels! I'm wondering how am I gonna last till the end of the month?

This is the movie we watch!
And the cute little mouse! He's effing cute but the cutest thing in this film will definitely be the PIGS! Anyhow its a typical fairy tale that starts with a once-upon-a-time with a castle & unknown land as backdrop & ends with a happily-ever-after! I love it though! Lol!

To those who are clubbing out there right now, enjoy your night! Haha! Don't get ko-ed!


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