Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Saturday night.

Saturday night... Yeah!!! *only that my heart doesn't feel like its Saturday night* but I took the opportunity to head toward Poppy Garden, a club that I had long been missing from! Heard that that's the "where" to go to place for Saturday night, so why not? And I miss the swimming pool & the swimming times!!! It was kinda a last minute decision so I decided to dress simple. Taadaa~ My look for the night! I love this dress very much. A real bargain from Forever 21. I bet Amelia will remember this dress of all the others! Haha! Thanks babe for convincing me to buy it at that time even though I was really broke! Lol!

Its actually a black lace piece with the cutting similar to cheong-sam *traditional chinese dresses*
I'm still on my cam-whore mood for now!!!
Ended up stuck in the traffic jam. Thats whats wrong with KL roads these days. You gotta jam to everywhere you wanna go! Its frustrating!!!
Since I'm stuck in the car alone with nothing to do, I took out my camera *which is fully-charged!* & start snapping!!
The crazy people!
The group picture of us!
- Me - Kor - Ai Mei - Renee - Kenry -
The party people.. It was seriously packed that night. Can't even dance =C
Jacs with us. Been so long since I seen her *guess its me missing from all the fun =C* Lol.
Both of us!
And I managed to bump into lots of people. The first one.... Wei Lip!!! Everytime I heard him complaining on how clubbing is boring him out & how I ended up still bumping into him after all these months ==" Eat your own words!
This friend of Kenry is trying to do whatever he was doing..
And this is the reaction that Kenry manage to give him!
I was so happy when I heard that Boy & Tiong is coming over. My buddies from Monash!!
I didn't know why Boy wanted to do the "peace" sign but what the heck, why not!? ^^v
Me & Renee again!!! We were both sweating like crazy due to the crowd & stuffy weather!
A really cute photo! I love Renee in it. Lol. She just pop out of no where & appear in our middle!
Bumped into my junior from my high school too. Beatrice oh Beatrice! Used to be in the same basketball team =)
And Kent. I guess if you wanna find long lost friends who club, Poppy will be the best place to "bump" into them but its because of this reason, the club is getting really boring. Apparently, the night that I choose to go was the night that Sam *& friends* & Daniel *& friends* choose not to go! I miss my outings with them =C
My 2 new Indon friends! Boy brought them over & I only manage to hear one of theirs name, Dewi! I apologize to the other because the music is too loud =C
Tiong took hold of my camera & start cam-whoring but he failed!
A better one...Ended up frustrated might as well ask Boy to take for the both of us! Haha.
Kenry & me....
The four good friends...
The silly pictures taken with Boy they all..
The 2 sexy ones.

This is actually a pretty short post. Doesn't really feel like blogging much although theres lots of stuff that I really wanna blog on but at least, I did a little update & my blog would not be declared dead!

Haha. Thats for now. I'm dead tired. There's still class tomorrow. Gotta go.

Naaaaa Niggghhhtttt.


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