Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Singing sensation.

Finally fulfilled the long-promised-going-to-Newway-thing. It was planned long time ago but because of some reasons, we thought as weren't going to make it but Brian decided to skip his extra class & we headed off to Lim Kok Wing to fetch Michelle. This is what we do while Brian was concentration on his driving & swearing!

Me & Michelle
A kiss for my girl.
And the blueks & boo expression!

So we manage to reach Newway in one-piece without any chunks missing & started to sing. We started off as perfectly normal kids, just like any others.
We sing..
And we sing..
Me! For unknown reasons again, I love this pic! The feel of it! The colour of my skirt with the lighting!
Oh, then things started going a little wrong when me & Michelle decided to take some pics.
Its still perfectly normal..
And then we get a little krazy...
Things are getting heat up..
Say peace ^^v
The lolly then attracted my attention..
Imagine what its like if you have a real lolly this BIG..
Maybe you should lick it this way XD
Or just do sexy poses with it!
The blu-moments..
The weird couple..
My adorable bunnykins! He's a bit of retarded so don't mind him, but its cute!
The pink sensation... *lust lust lust*
The couple who made my day =)
And this is really a small world. Bumped into Jessica while in the washroom! Been long since I seen her!


Starting tomorrow, things are going to get a lil' krazy *I promise just a bit =P* & things are going full steam & then.. Its gonna be my assignment time. Gonna lock myself up, tie all my hairs up, wear my spects & childish pajamas, drinks & snacks infront, books all over, looking like I just escaped from Tanjung Rambutan & hunching over my assignments.

Till then, bye!

Loves =)

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