Friday, March 6, 2009


You see, I'm really mad at Malaysian drivers. How can they be so freaking careless & just hit into other people cars? Please use the eyes that God had given you to see for #!@#@!#@!'s sake!

You see, you see, the thing is, I decided to go to the pasar malam at my area yesterday so I reach this T-junction & I was waiting for the car on the main road to pass before I turn left. There is this car that is parked on my right & it start reversing & it just suddenly WHAM me on my side. Serious, I dunno how Malaysians drive most of the time & this driver is a MAN so stop saying that girls are the lousy driver *to those who're always sexist & saying how female can't drive* He had this car filled with children so its better off by he paying me & he did but still, now I got to wait till 12 p.m. till my car is fixed *its a little dented on the side only* but still, what am I gonna do for 3 hours so I went to Gamebox & is now writing this stupid post while waiting!


Anyhow, my mood is not in its best state. I really want to vent out by bitching about someone but thinking back, this particular girl is one of my friend's girlfriend *not that he's really my friend anymore because of he is those that take you as a friend when he need one & leave you alone when his life is soaring high* & its kinda against me to talk bad about people publicly because I had seen how a little personal venting out through even PERSONAL BLOG can lead to disaster & I'm not in mood for one. So to the girl who think she's all that & just because she went for a few photo shoot, please don't think yourself as one model, little sis. Please do not go around & make yourself hate-able by all the others. I'm not saying I'm perfect, I'm way back to being perfect but just because you got a few chances to photo shoot & have your so called happening crowd, doesn't mean that you need to go around showing off & naming other people as "LALA" or whatever name you call them if they so happen to be NOT in your crowd. As far as I know, you're one just a few months back & its because my friend's the one who changed you.


I'm blabbing.


Anyway I feel better now.

I think one round of Dota might cure the rest of the bad feelings & I'm going to feed like mad so whoever that happens to be my teammate, I'm sorry to say I'm sorry =D


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