Monday, March 2, 2009

First day of classes & I'm already stressed out.

See, today was supposed to be my first day of classes for this sem & I'm already stressed out by my business law lecturer. She's a good one with her own sense of humor but still, grrr, some of the thing she said at the beginning stresses me out. Extra classes, extra information, remember this & that, rules & regulations, etc. Anyhow most of the rules & conditions she set was okay for me as I was planning to get serious during this sem, no more fooling around & aiming for jus a 'pass' like what I did for the previous year.

But still..

It stresses me out.

Fetched Michelle later on with Brian & headed over to One Utama for lunch in Delicious *its burning a hole in my wallet for going there too often these days*. Decided to catch a movie after lunch because it had been quite long since I last went to the cinema. Not much movie to watch so we decided to go for "Eden Lake", which was supposed to be a thriller according to the ticket seller.
Hrmm, the movie is very meaningful in the sense of problems with children these days, parenting issue, etc. Kinda gross when they torture the guy though. Although the torturing part might be a little fake or over to happen in this reality, stuff that the children did is indeed happening in reality these days & this does not apply only to third world contries but most civillised contries! It reminded me of the documentary that I had watched last year, which was about the life of Americans who lived in the middle of America in really small towns *take note that America is a huge country & many small town exist all over* & all this small towns is some how forgotten, living in a very close community. This people leads very strange life, in some sense, they live meaningless life & many tends to go crazy. This people are term as "white trash" by some people.

Headed home after the movie, raining really hard & the jam was really terrible today. It started to jam when I exit Monash, after the Sunway toll, highway was okay, & right after the Sri Petaling toll the jam starts again, way before Carefour and it took me an hour and a half to reach back home. It normally takes me around 15 minutes only from that toll to my house.

Today is just another bad day.

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