Monday, March 30, 2009

Day out with Nen.

It had been really really long since I saw Nen so we decided to go for dinner but we ended up going out earlier because he wants to get a new modem-router & pendrive in Low Yat. One thing leads to another, we went over to One-Utama next to shop. Didn't really see anything I like but Nen was able to get a few tops & shirts. Oh! And we got really cute turtles & lame lambs! The face of those plushies are really stoned! Will take a picture of it soon & post it up. If you guys ever sit in Nen's car, notice a turtle's back sticking out of the compartment like he's stuck or something.
While waiting for Nen to try on his tops.
I decided to take a few shots. Haha.
The slippers that Nen loves lots from French Connection. Was really nice but too bad, the material used was too hard & causes pain & sores if worn too long so after much persuasion & trying over & over again, we decided not to buy it!
Really cute boxers from Zara!

Next stop was The Curve! Tried to shop over here too but I couldn't find anything I like AGAIN! Frustrating! Grr. So we decided to go back to one of our favourites! Bubba Gump!
Here comes our all shrimp feast!
Mango-something & Vanilla milkshake!
Our appetizer, something like broiled shrimp. Could taste the sweetness of the shrimps with tint of garlic.
My main course, a new item on the menu. Shrimp cooked in some soup served with rice & bread.
Nen's baked seafood rice which of course, is filled with shrimps also =="

So we ended up leaving there by getting our body poisoned *according to Nen =="* We wanted to go for a movie but Cineplex wasn't offering any midnight show that day =C Met up with Nen's friend, Ken *oh my god, another Ken!* & his girl where they started smoking pipe ==" Ken is a really hilarious guys & I really hope his problem will go really well. Of for you guys info, Ken is currently working at ergh One FM *if I'm not mistaken, couldn't be really sure which radio station he's working at* as a sound engineer.

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