Saturday, March 21, 2009

Of MOS & Eve.

Yeap, after all the crap I spilled on not going to MOS again because of various reasons, I ended up AGAIN over there last Thursday. Thought that it will be better since the last time I went to club was months ago but well, I'm not putting the blame on the club itself because the club was good but its just ergh I-don't-know-why.

So here we go....

- Welcome to Euphoria, Ministry of Sound -
The 3 early birds.
Me & Michelle.
Me & Qing *I hope I didn't spell it wrong*
Headed inside earlier while waiting for the others to arrive, was just chilling around.
So we took the camera out..
*Snap Snap*
- Qing - Michelle - Me -
Both of us again! Tired of the pictures? More to go!!
3 of us on the dancefloor *Uh, I can't dance anymore =C Its been too long T_T*
Argh. I love this picture!
Muacks! Muacks!
Was sweating like crazy. Grrrrr...
The both crazy girls that went high on vodka!
The crazy look.
MOS is still that pack. Anyhow I left early to pass some stuff to friends then went over to Hello Bali to find Wei Lip. Haha. Rm15 for a cup sunkist orange juice. Wtf? Haha.. I rather they give me the 15 bucks & I make fresh orange juice with SUNKIST oranges for them =P Both the group went over to Silva after that & ended up "blowing-h2o" with Michelle & others till like 5 something? Lol.

Next day..

Planned to go Poppy beforehand but everybody ended up at Genting. Gamblers! Ish! Haha anyway I slept till like really really late & ended up over at Selayang's Old Town for dinner. Suprisingly, Daniel called as he was in Cheras area so we headed over to Eve. Passed by this place many times before but was never there & I'm now falling in love with it! But seriously, its gay to have guys night over there!!!

I guess I'm camwhoring too much these days.
Don't blame me XD
Me & Daniel!
The group of long-time-no-see-friends! Use to club with them lots in the past XD
See, I said this place was really gay for guys night out. It was supposed to be guys night out for them but ended up I was there, Ee Wen *Stephanie* was there, other was there. Imagine a bunch of guys going to this pinkish-romatic-lady-pool-bar for gathering. Uh! Some of them were playing pool while us others..
Played the dice game! I don't really know whats the game called in english but its something like poker where you got to lie *keep your poker face on!* Happy that they ordered red wine, Shiraz neverless! Girls, that will be our next destination for girls night out!

Actually I'm watching series while blogging now so the words might seems to be jumbling up. Sorry if it doesn't make sense =P

Back to my series then..

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