Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kitaro's Concert @ Genting, 07/03

Attended Kitaro's concent last saturday which was held in Genting Highland's Arena of Stars. It was my first time, the second for my parents & I can tell you, I had attended many concerts in my past due to my mom's likings for concerts *she's a honky so I guess its expected* & my dad as a "constant-consumer" of Genting & this is definitely one of the best.

A little about Kitaro. He is borned on 4th February 1953 in Toyohashi. He's not only famous for his talent on composing music but also on his talent on playing multi-instruments. He played all kind of instruments, from keyboard to bass, flute to drums and many other "weird"/new-age kind of instruments which many had probably not seen it before. His family is against his idea on becoming a musician hence he left home, surviving on several random part-time job & composing songs at night. Was once in a band, started on his solo career in 1977 & his soundtrack for Heaven & Earth was nominated for Grammy award which at that time, his career was starting to a fly. Until today, he's one of the most famous musician, attracting young & old alike. Kitaro's music has long been recognised for its messages of peace & spirituality & he himself sometimes admit that his own creation suprised he himself because he claim that its the music from heaven, not from him.

*I apologize for the low quality pictures because my camera ran out of battery & I had to make-do with my camera phone*

Arena of Stars before the concert start.
One of the shot of Kitaro with his famous Taiko drum.
His band which make up of a drummer, a basssist, a violonist & 2 other playing the keyboard.
One of the clearest shot I can manage!

If you thought that you had never heard of Kitaro, click on the video below. I'm sure most Malaysians had heard of his music before because the track that I had recorded below is one of his most famous track worldwide, used in our high school or primary school's sports day often because of the spirits it carries & bring. Anyway just click on it & try listening. Ignore the crowd's voice =P

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