Friday, August 15, 2008

Sending Ken off over at KLIA..

Mentioned on previous post, Ken's leaving to South Africa.. So his friends, me & Steph decided to send him off at airport.. Didn't drive to Sunway for the week as my aunty & uncle & cousins are flying over from Hong Kong.. Bao came to fetch me as Man Chun gotta work till pretty late.. Headed over to Sri Petaling to wait for Redford & Andy.. Makan makan & prepare the "cacat" cards below with signatures & others.. *to be completed over at airport with other ppl's signature!*
Off to airport next~
The guys bought Ken a farewell gift, which Ken suspected it to be something that will pop-up and frighten everybody! He forced his mom to open it up but his mom ignored it.. Gg.. His opening process >>>
*Snap snap* time.. Me & Ken.. Trying to put on a big smile.. I know I look horrible & fat..

Steph *she cried when Ken's off to the departure gate, cheers gurl =) He'll be back.. He just bought a yearly ticket not a one-way one!* Ken & Me^^
The group of guys who were there to send him off.. They really "em sek dak" lor.. With the cards & everything..
I found this picture inside my camera.. God knows when the guys took it.. They took my camera.. Found it cute.. Decided to post it up.. There's even pictures of the guys inside the washroom but of course.. THAT I'm not gonna post =="
This is the emo part.. The hugging part..
The guys looking at him as he's walking towards the immigration area.. Sad =C
Take care k Ken?!?!? Gambateh on your work.. & bring back lots and lots and lots of diamonds for all of us.. WHeeee~~~

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