Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures pictures pictures =)

These pictures had been in my computer for 2 weeks.. & I never had the time to post it.. The first few of it is taken over @ Sunshine with J.R., Loon, Laurence,.. =)

The 2nd part of the pictures are taken over @ BarCelona bfore Bryan went back to Sandakan.. His finals are finally over.. & he decided to have one our "memorable nights out" before he went back.. Which means.. Thursday over @ BarCelona.. Lols.. Ken's songs are getting nicer.. Way to go =)..

To Bryan : You still own us a dinner duh!!! Don't forget.. Come back to KL faster.. Miss you tons!

Anyhow there's also some pictures taken during my favourite brother burfday over at Bar Club & some from previous week taken in MOS a.k.a. Euphoria .. Will try to post it asap.. Gotta run.. Gg..

Me & J.R. He might be a lil' old.. But the important thing is to be young at heart!
Me & Laurence babi!!! Didn't really get to see her much since I left Sunway College.. Loves^^!
Me & Loon Loon a.k.a. Jackie =) A good friend who remains a good friend of mine after all these time!!! 10x!!

Bryan, Me & Fung!! Fung.. You shouldn't had left that early.. So unlike YOU!! XP
Winson, Bryan (with him pretending to smoke) & Fung.. Winson's dancing is improving.. Gambateh =) I miss your cutey Jasmine.. When are you gonna bring her out^^??
Some ppl I bang into *didn't went Bar Celona for quite some time*.. Wei Lip & Michael!!
Julian.. With his usual goofy smile =) He can smile 24/7 per day and his jaw won't hurts..

Ken a.k.a. Dj MasterK *Keep fit lar duh! You're getting fatter!*, Bryan, Herman & Winson.. Anyhow.. Miss you guys lots.. But with you guys busy with work & studies.. It's hard =C Anyhow.. Dinner gathering hosted & paid by Bryan coming soon.. Wooo Hooo...

To some people out there: It's none of your business if I do love to club & party.. So? I still attend my tutorials & lectures, do what I need to do, still having some friends who really love me for who I am.. Go get a life & stop bitching about other people's life as if they are yours.. I'm happy with my life & walking a step closer everyday towards my dream.. But what about you guys? Still stuck & remain unchanged for years? Aiks =="

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