Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CCs & Dota??

Currently in FTZ with Andrew & his friends.. Lolz.. Dota dota.. Lose like mad.. I'm noob at it.. Can't help..

Yesterday also dota.. But then dota dekat Gamebox with Loon, Jason & other friends.. Ken, Mario, Cockcroach all later came over to yamcha.. Was "exchanging" some ghost stories.. Anyway against my better decision, I went back to play the new SDO.. Hrmm.. Can no longer play like I used to but it's fun sometime to just go mad at my keyboard, spamming buttons..

Anyway.. Went to Apartment @ The Curve on Sunday night to meet up with Steph.. All we did were chilling, talking, drinking (only me not her ==" I'm such an alcoholic.. Had like a glass of Baileys & red wine)(To Ian: I didn't drink from the bottle k? I drink from the GLASS) Gosh.. Anyway our conversation kinda went off topic but then isn't that a good thing? That means we still have other things to talk about beside one lil boring topic =="

Gosh.. Ian sms-ed me today.. & it did make me mad.. He knows I'm all stressed-up & stuff.. &..

Ian: I will be sitting in my jacuzzi while missing you =)
Me: Is that a way to tell me how chilling & relaxing you're now?
Ian: To think of you is definately relaxing. & knowing you're having class & I'm going to sleep is a bliss =) Don't envy, I'll have my time to be liek you. Anyway miss you.
Me: Lols.. I hate you.. Anyway my class is going to end dy.. No class tomorrow.. Who cares =)
Ian:Exactly! Who cares.. That's the word I wanna hear.
*At this point, I didn't want to reply dy.. He's so far away in Melb & all he wanna do is waste some aussie dollar & sms me for? Feel like flying over to Melb & strangle him! Flying daggers for now =)*

Anyway.. There's nothing specific I really wanna blog about.. Life's still life =) Can't comment on whether my life's good or not, but for now, everything is kinda low-key & chilling & normal? I guess that's a good thing.. For now.. I think I'll try to enjoy the peaceful moments before anything comes up =)

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