Thursday, August 14, 2008


I skipped my econ's tutorial again.. How dead am I gonna be? Lol..

But I'm glad that I finally can sleep over 7 a.m. for once cox it's been frigging tired (emotional-wise and physical-wise) these few days..

Headed to CocoBanana yesterday with Daniel (and it's so last minute!!! He called me when he reached like Sunway??) & it's his burfday and of cox, I pergi lar.. Somemore yesterday was feeling freaking down dy!!!

Reached there, we all decided not to go in (I can say I'm happy with that decision bcox I really hate the club's inside!!) and we decided to chill at the lounge-like thingy outside the club.. Chill is to put it mildly.. Making everyone drunk was the main point duh!!! So we drank, chat, played drinking-games.. Have our own time like it was over in Titanium!

Once again.. Happy Birthday my darling Daniel!!! You're the best out of best & don't doubt it k? (Sudah turning old dy.. Ish!) I remember all the work you did for my birthday & I hope yours will be filled with the same happiness & blessings.. Loves =)

Oh ya, to Steph.. Cheer up babe.. I had been through all that (when I was in highschool) & just ler her do her own stories & stuff.. If you wanna feel sad, better feel sad cox Ken left dy then to feel sad for someone who wants you to be sad! Ken, your friends, your boyfriend, family, all wouldnt want to see you sad.. That I'm sure especially Ken's part!!!

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