Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sex & The City.. That's the TV Series that I had decide to do my assignment on.. But the finding article part is hard.. Still in the finding process.. Found some that were really interesting but they don't offer full text.. Gosh..

There's not gonna be any "ladies night" for me this week =C Gotta start doing my assignmentS which is like all due next week! Saturday night is reserve for Ken so I guess I gotta cancel my other plans to buy more time.. I'm sad to say that Ken is leaving next week to South Africa (& that's sad =C although we had broken up, he's still my close buddy) Went dinner with him on Sunday night.. & every time I sees him, it's like reminding myself that he's leaving so soon! Hence I'm gonna go Poppy this Sat no matter how much assignment there is to meet him up! It's his farewell man!!


Decision made.. After few months of thinking and planning and re-thinking and re-planning on what to do for my hair (like straight, curl, short, long, thick, etc..) Came to my decision.. But this particular style that I want gotta takes me at least half year to be in the way I want it to be.. Sad sad.. It needs at least 3 time of cutting it short & 1 time of rebonding in 2 diff ways.. But since its decided.. I went to cut it on Tuesday over at Yang's saloon.. For now.. It's like SHORT.. Well.. Cut about 4 inch but for me it's ALOT duh! It's without any style now, no longer long like last time & still shitty!! But well, that's what I wanted.. But I can't imagine how I'm gonna go through this 6 months.. Lols!

After cutting my hair.. Headed up to Ken's studio.. Hanging out there like last time.. He got a new student, Jeffrey & coincidently, it's Adrian's friend too.. Practically we just chill around, listening to his student spins and Ken start playing is guitar.. Max took over playing later on with Ken being irritating, singing.. Went out for dinner over at AC with them later on then it's dota in Wtf mode.. Shocking!!! Gg.. Then back to his studio for more music, with alcohol & card games this time.. As usual, we hang out till whee hours in the morning.. Then back to our own home for our beauty sleep.. It was nice to hang out once in awhile =)

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