Friday, August 22, 2008

Of Vodka, Music & Party People..

I'm old.. I admit I'm already old..

Just came back from Euphoria a.k.a. MOS.. Went with a bunch of people & saw a bunch of people there.. All pretty faces & hyper-up party people.. Mark ffk us, which is something I'll nag on him when I see him.. He's the one who ask us to go at the first place.. It was frustrating for me at the beginning due to something (but I'm not going to say what, just put it as a fucked-up way of organising stuff) But anyway everything else went pretty well after that lil' sucky organising thing.. Opened up 2 bottles of some Russian Vodka *what the heck is this o_O?* but anyway both the bottles were drained up pretty fast by us and dancefloor was the next venue..

Okay, back to the starting point.. Why would I admit me MYSELF as some old fag? I could no longer party like I used to.. All of them dance like crazy & I found myself dancing to one or two songs then stone on the dancefloor as if I'm drunk or something which I'm not but it's just due to tired & no longer into the dance part then dancing to another song when some songs that I like came along.. The music was superb & the lightning "chun" & the crowd was flowing.. But still.. I think I prefer the chilling-way.. Sitting down, drinking, enjoying the music & people, laughter, drinking games, etc.. You get the idea..

Or maybe I'm just tired? Hrmm.. Maybe.. Anyway some of them got drunk and ... KO!!! Lol.. I know I'm not supposed to laugh or what but the sight is hilarious!!! Anyway drove "Bunny"'s car back to Monash Condo while I waited for him to wake up from his beauty sleep.. I'm feeling awake now.. Unlike last time which means drop-dead-on-bed-the-moment-back-room.. I miss the good old times, but maybe it's just a temporarily effect or I'm just getting on with life, enjoying a different kind of party-ing way like an old fag?? Lol..

Anyway.. REPUBLIC 2moro!!! Here I'm complaining about clubbing & I'm going again 2moro.. Well.. It's Azurous's *hope I spell it right* and Ken's event.. As a friend, well, we must be more supportive.. So I'm being the good friend, going for his big night & everything..

Pics later on.. Gah.. Too lazy now.. Buubyeee..

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