Saturday, August 16, 2008

How much drama can a person stands for one day? ALOT wei!

Drama drama drama.. Seriously, I think the reason why the genre melodrama is created is for the purpose of satisfying the consumers' daily dramatic need.. Unfortunately.. Got involved sikit siki juga.. But anyhow.. I'm happy & okay.. I got much more down-to-earth problems that I gotta deal with other than some young girl's acting & not gonna satisfy her by putting her in my center of attraction.. *I guess that what she wants deep down inside.. To be on the limelight*

Handed in some assignment late.. Oh so shit.. Lol.. 2% deduction.. Gosh.. Promise no next time XP But anyhow at least there's a break from assignments for a week or two before the new wave of assignment hits.. My family.. Oh.. Dramatic juga.. Went home yesterday.. Mom spilled me with all her problems or should say "family probs" But she make it sound so worst.. Which later I found out why.. My beloved mom could never stand hunger and isn't good at controlling her own emotional when she's hungry.. Being stuck in the traffic jam for hours with her previous meal like 6-hours away make her hungry.. Traffic jam make her mad.. All negative feelings pouring to her only listener : ME! Anyhow I guess my family financial problem grew worst but how worst it is gonna be then I gonna wait till having a heart2heart talk with my dad before I know..

As for apa yang paling drama.. Fuiyoh!!! For those clubbing kakis, I bet you guys saw some of it.. Anybody went Maison on Thursday, if you're there.. I'm sure you get entertained... ALOT! Lols.. 1st guys fighting, then girls fighting, then back to guys fighting.. How dramatic life can get? Imagine you're there, getting drunk & looking at handsome guys & pretty ladies... Suddenly.. *WHAM* shyiok-nya!!! Anyhow I can't say I got involved or what.. Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.. But I definitely wouldn't stand beside my friend & just look when she kenna slap or something.. I love dramas but not unhappy ones for my friend..

Well, to the best actress in the drama, who manage to stay low, putting on the angelic face *you're complete with a halo, my "dear"* and all the teary eyes, looking oh-so-scared, innocent puppy look.. I'm tired of that.. I don't have a pretty face like yours but at least I show the true side of mine.. There's something about you I don't understand.. You own tons of stuff, pretty friends, pretty face & body, a good boyfriend, tons of "material" stuff, a family who supports you.. What more could you still hope for? You can't be in the center of attention forever.. Stop creating problems and get on with the wonderful life that you always blog about.. If I have such a happy life, I wouldn't go & do stuff that will wreck my own life.. Lemme give you one final piece of advice, I don't blame some stuff on you due to the environment you're still in, but if you continue all this nonsense & bullshits when you're in college or uni, nobody is gonna give a damn for you.. That I'm sure.. In highschool, all this drama keeps the boring life & studies keep going & everybody helps to speculate it.. But not in college or uni.. Better grow up soon & get on with your happy life and stay out from where you aren't supposed to be crossing which makes your own life miserable & other people life too.. You can go ahead and wreck your own life but not others..

Anyhow, if you're unhappy with the post above, there's no need to find me or anything.. I'll be going back to Seri Suria to collect my original SPM cert, so you'll be seeing me there =) Gonna visit my high school teachers & stuffs too.. Wheee~ Just learn how to grow up & you'll see the world in a different way..

Oooo.. & a msg to my darling Kay, you came back from Hong Kong & I'm glad to hear it from you the moment you reach home, telling me that you miss me, spamming me with miss call.. But like I say, I still think you miss me because you miss Hong Kong and I'm the only chiplak Hong Kong mui around.. Sob sob.. Darling ah darling, dun think too much k? Sometimes you just think too much.. I love you =) We had an appointment next week.. Yamcha or Skybar =)

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