Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Had lunch with Kam b4 going to class 2day.. As usual, watched some tv series.. Went for micro's lecture.. Saw my "brothers".. Lecture's boring as usual..

Xue Ying fetched darling to Sunway to find me.. Since so long I see this sis of mine (Xue Ying).. Oh my god.. How I miss those time we played basketball 2gether.. Anyway we went Asia Cafe, had high-tea/dinner.. Headed to Pyramid, planned to catch a movie or something but not much movie anyway so we went shopping.. Bought some daily stuffs, a shirt (I damn suka lah wei) from Forever 21, a Shin Chan comic (loves^^").. Bought Poh Lin a.k.a. luilui's pressie, helped sis to choose a pressie for her friend, lepak around.. End up in KimGary yam cha.. Did some catching up.. Blah blah blah.. Heard lots of updates about ppl I didn't saw for ages.. Lols.. Anyway it's fun hanging out again.. Let's go it sometime again =)

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