Sunday, July 6, 2008

Joey's Concert @ Genting

Dad bought Joey's concert ticket for me & mommy.. So went to Genting for the concert.. Went to Olive for dinner.. I love Olive's food =) It's wonderfully delicious.. How come they don't open one over at KL T_T? Anyway it was kinda rush for us as we tried not to be late for the concert.. Anyway the beginning part was boring though.. It was only till the end that the nice songs came..

Called Kevin up after the concert & he asked me to meet him up over at Olive cox he still got some work to do.. Treated me Olive specially prepared chocolate.. If you are a great fan of chocolate.. You should really try it.. Chatted wid him about food, drinks, etc.. He said he'll call me if he ever come to KL.. He said he's gonna come for some wine thingy????

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