Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bar Celona!?!?!

Once again.. It was Thursday (and if you guys remember, my darling sis got black-listed over at Maison) so I decided to go Bar Celona.. Went over to her house to fetch her, Connie & Keman.. Chilled around while waiting for them to prepare their self up.. It's Keman first time going to club =) Headed over to Darusalam since it was too early & for them to have their dinner.. Camwhored all the way there while I was driving..

It was kinda packed over at Bar Celona as it was ladies' night.. Went in & saw Ken & his crappy new hair.. Lolz.. It was kinda too short.. I preferred his previous style.. Chatted wid him at the bar.. He grew fatter (again!!) The guys (in which name I'm not allowed to publish due to various reasons) came to meet us up.. Oh ya.. I can't even publish their pictures too =_=" It was kinda fun till the moment when MPSJ came to check the club's license.. 1st time since I clubbed there that these things happen.. The party resume over & everybody had a great time.. Ken's song is getting better & better.. Fetched the girls home and went back to Darusalam to meet the guys up and saw Julian, K & others too.. Did some catching up.. Can't wait for classes to start =)

The camwhoring moments while I was driving..
And some pics of us in the club.. No pics of the guys though due to various reasons..

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