Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ocean, Beach, Little Italy, U-Mai, Upper Star, ...

For those who know where I went (a tip: I had been there 3 times in the past half year), it had been one of the best week in my life.. The wonderful atmosphere & food, an escape from city life (& some problems) had been wonderful.. Thanks for my potato =) It had been great..

But now, I'm back in KL, it's all about my studies, my family & friends, etc.. But I gotta face the music.. Can't escape from it forever (can I?) I'll always remember those times.. (Gah.. End up we didn't take any picture)!!! Lols.. Anyway its fine.. Pictures are just pieces of pictures created by us human whereas memories are the truest of all still =)

I'm off to bed.. Feeling exhausted after the flight..

p/s: I can't upload the pictures of Kam's burfday, me & ying, Bar Celona, etc.. Lappie repaired but all USB ports spoil?? Gotta send it to repair again (soon) but wait till I'm done with assignments!

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