Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sick.. AGAIN!!!

I guess I'm getting old!! One night of clubbing and I feel like a piece of rotten #$%#$! the next day.. End up.. SICK! Thought it was a lil' flu so I decided to head over to Fitness First with my mom to sweat it out.. But all the sweating & working out makes me feel even worst.. So ended up in the bed, feeling hot & cold at the same time, emo emo, can't do much.. Sobs..

Well.. That's yesterday.. Woke up today feeling way better.. Went to Pantai Hospital due to some leg injury.. Got a 2 week supply of vitamins & pills that cost me tons.. Lunch with Gillian & as usual, all we did was talk, and talk and talk..

And as for tomorrow.. I'll recover for sure as I can't wait to meet up with Amelia darling & Matthew (how I miss bullying him^^").. Not sure who's going too but from what I know Chris is going, if I'm not wrong, some other Cempakans and also some other Sunway ppl.. Well.. I'll know when I get there.. But for sure.. My main purpose is to meet up with Amelia & Matt as both of them went to Aussie & will be returning back to there soon.. Can't wait for 2moro^^!

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