Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Just came back from club/bar-hopping in Sunway area with Roger & his friends.. It had been about one year since I last seen Roger.. That fella had decided to settle down over in KL with his new job.. Wish ya luck ya!! His friend from States came over (Roger used to study in States too) so they decided to meet up with someone over in Bar Flam.. Since it was practically so near to me, I went to meet up with them & got my favourite shots.. Baileys.. Tequilas.. Lols.. But it was like so quiet over at Flam that we decided to switch places and we were too lazy drive so end up walking clubs to bars to clubs to bistro to clubs.. Went to like almost all the clubs/bistros/bars available over in Sunway.. So last stop would be Bar Celona as it was located at the end.. Chill around..

It was practically a long long day for me as I slept for only like 3 hours & woke up at 9 in the morning and went for my classes.. I got lectures & tutorials from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. non-stop every Tuesday.. Crazy timetable.. But anyway manage to have minutes to grab some lunch with Mark, chatted around with Jenny & Kimberly, etc.. Gotta start preparing for my Marketing presentation tomorrow follow up with Microeconomic's assignment then Communication's then Television Series's one.. Aiks.. Gonna be hectic.. But I'm gonna stay focus (unlike last sem)!

Off to bed then.. In these 3 days the total sleeping time of mine will be sum up to only 6 hours!!! No classes tomorrow.. Heaven! Gonna sleep till the sky falls off.. Nobody is gonna wake me up (beside K cause I want his Psp.. Haven't got the time to buy my own.. I wanna play some game!!)

Nahhhhh nightttsss~

Loves =)

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