Sunday, July 6, 2008

Darling's surprise party..

Sek Kee finally came back from UK for her summer holiday.. & for sure.. I'm glad that she's back (glad is kinda mild for how I'm feeling.. I'm out of words) San called me up to tell me they are planning a surprise party for Kay.. So I agree to go with it..

On her birthday.. I fetched her out to MidValley to shop as she said she's feeling kinda low.. We hunted for heels all over MidValley & Gardens.. Went to Aldo & she spotted a pair of classic black which she loved but it was out of her size.. Bought another pair at Nose but compared to the one in Aldo.. Well.. It was hrmm.. As long as she's happy.. Went to have some pancake (which I was really craving for) Walked around.. Bought a book.. Fetched her home after that.. She had no idea on what was going on.. Actually it was kinda obvious but she just can't put the pieces 2gether..

1st: Her mom cooked lots of food.. (Imagine the amount she cooked when the whole bunch of us couldn't even eat half of it) And she even asked her mom why did she cooked that much of food..

2nd: Everybody ended up forgetting her burfday & even told her that they're busy (at the same time)

3rd: When I fetched her home, she asked me, why was there so many cars parked outside her house? She even saw Su Wen's car..

4th: I told her at 1st the I'm only sending her home but when I ended up parking and following her into her house for no reason she jus thought that I wanted to talk to her mom.. (Me & her mom was kinda closed actually)

Well.. I can only say she's kinda blurred out.. Anyway.. To my BELOVED DARLING:


Her reaction was funny when she realised that we planned something for her.. She was kinda down & even ask her mom to buy her a cake so she can make a wish.. And her mom ask her to buy her own =_=" Lolz.. Imagine that feeling.. Anyway she looks mad.. She looks surprise.. She looks like as if she will cry.. Anyway she ran to her room.. & I regret following her.. Because she was screaming and pacing like mad inside.. & when I entered, she hitted me like crazy b'cox she said she was with me the whole day & I could act as if nothing happened.. Sorry darling.. I didn't meant to hurt you that way.. Please look what I have to tell you at the end of this post k? It's a message dedicated to you..

Her stunned look when she enter her house & everybody surprise her...
The cute Jelly cake that they ordered..
Kay making her wish.. She took REALLY LONG time to make her wish.. I wonder how many wish did she made.. And she was really serious at it!!!!
The group of us.. I brough sis along to her burfday.. Others are all Surians =)
A random pic of me & sis at Kay's room... Lolz..

To: Sek Kee a.k.a. my darling Kay..

Happy belated burfday to you.. And I'm sorry if I hurt you in some way.. You're the longest friend that I ever know in my life, and even though we didn't spend most of our time hanging out 2gether like you did wid San, Jeleine & Wen, you were always there when I needed you & vise versa.. I remember all the your "problem" times & how you will tell me everything & anything and me offering you my comfort like a sister.. I love you alot my darling.. (Not in the lesbian way but sisterly one)

And there's something I really wanna tell you.. Please don't think that I took you shopping just bcox of the party.. I took you shopping because I wanted to spend some precious time alone with you and ONLY you.. I kinda forget about the party during the shopping time because I really mean to spend the day with you.. All the things we did, the conversations we had, the sweet time when I lean on you.. Everything is from my heart & I mean it..

Muacksss... Kisses & hugs for you.. Well keep the hugs and use it during the cold winters when you're alone in UK & when you miss me.. You WERE part of my sweetest memories, you ARE creating more memories of me & you 2gether and you WILL always be someone special in my heart..

Happy Belated Burfday my Darling^^

The girl with white stockings & green bag =)

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