Sunday, July 6, 2008

Arrival of Keman =)

Sis woke me up around 8 & met her up over at Tasik Selatan LRT station and waited for Connie =) Took a cab over to Pekeliling (not sure if I spell it correctly) and met up wid Keman (Keman is Jeanie & Connie's friend from NS) and I gotta agree that she's funny & friendly.. Headed over to some Malay restaurant while waiting for Jason to pick us up..

Next stop, Times Square..

It had been some time since I went there & nothing much had changed except for some shops closing down & new shops opening.. Nth much to buy.. Wanted to buy sum shoes end up buying a pair of slippers & sis getting a pair of leopard-printed shoe.. Went to the arcade & played some of the games.. They went for movie after that but I ended up going home for dinner..

Up: Connie, Keman, Jeanie & Me.. Was squeeeezing tightly at the escalator to get this pic..
Down: Keman, Sis & Connie posing at the arcade..

Another pic.. Lolz.. Was kinda funny.
Sis wid her prize of the day.. Hitted the jackpot while playing the candy machine.. (Actually Jason's the one who played for us)
The packet of candies & chocos.. The Hello Kitty was later changed to the pushie above^^

Gotta admit it was kinda fun though =)

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