Sunday, July 6, 2008

It's such a small world..

Went to Poppy last night.. And all I can say it's such a small world.. Went yamcha with Gillian & Chris while waiting for J.R. to fetch me over to Poppy.. When I reached there, it was packed as usual.. Poppy's good =) But I only went there few times b4.. It's much more classier and the crowd is hrmmm better??? Well.. Daniel came out & brought me in.. The usual bunch was there.. Derreck, Lich, Jackson, etc.. Owhh.. And finally saw Lich's new gurl (although they seem to be arguing???)

Like I said, it's such a small world.. I ended up sitting on the same table wid.. Bao, Man Chun a.k.a. Sam, Ah Kan, etc... Sam & Derreck seems so friendly wid each other.. Ended up they told me that they just knew each other for 2 weeks due to Euro o_O"" I guess it's the guys gene.. The addiction to football + gambling uh??? Didn't dance at all for the night.. When I look at the dance floor's direction with the amount of people on it.. I don't feel like dancing at all.. Ended up drinking & talking & laughing with both bunch.. Oh ya.. I saw Melvin too.. Surprise that he recognize me uh?

Reached home around 4 and was feeling a lil "wing".. Lolz.. Had fun though.. Had a good night sleep & still feeling tired till now..


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