Thursday, July 10, 2008

Finally get to meet up with Amelia & Matt after so long.. I miss you guys wei T_T It had been so long since well since the day we went for lunch @ Pyramid b4 you guys left for Aus.. Met up with Amelia & Chris for dinner @ Pyramid.. Went to Tar Bush (hope that I didn't misspell it) for dinner.. Ordered mushroom soup & lemonade.. But turn up they serve me with mushroom soup & *lemonade*???? Lols.. I still didn't get the name of the dish they end up serving us.. Amelia's friend came to join us & headed to Zazu Beach Bistro located inside Sunway Lagoon after that.. It's my 1st time there & I kinda like it bside the stuffy weather..

It's supposed to be Amelia's friend, Eileen's birthday & her high school reunion gathering of some sort (if I'm not wrong).. Tons of people turn up.. But of course, the best part is when Matt finally turn up.. I miss him.. I miss Amelia.. Miss the time we used to have when we were in college.. Gotta go Aussie soon =) The place's nice.. I love the entrance (it's so romantic!!).. Plenty of booze.. Comfy space.. Romantic view of Sunway.. Dancefloor.. People.. (But the DJ kinda sucks >.<") Anyway it was fun after all of us get a lil high with the booze and of course, the best part of it is that Amelia & Matt is back!
Pics.. Pics.. =)
The entrance is all light up with candles covered by bags.. Arghh.. It's too dark to get a clear shot.. Anyway those who were there will know =) I love the entrance lots.. Freaking romantic!
The view of Sunway from where we were sitting.. & to my right is the Lagoon beach..
The booze that we were to finish up.. Additions of Black Label bottles & Vodka bottles not in the pic =)
This is the BEFORE picture of me & Amelia.. Not drinking at that time yet..
And this is the AFTER pictures.. OH MY GOD!
Me, Amelia & Chris!!!
My favourite picture for the night!!! Hey darling.. You should had stuff it all in lar XP

The Couple =)
Funny moments...
& Lotsa group pics..

Anyway it was a great night till I left to find my sis.. She's drunk over in Bar Celona.. That's another story all 2gether.. Miss you guys peeps!! Loves =)

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