Thursday, July 17, 2008

It's been a long long week..

It's been a tiring week.. Classes starting all over again.. Adapting to new units & refreshing memories of what I have learn during the past sem.. I failed 2 of my units.. Passed 2.. Kinda disappointed as I expect to fail only 1 which is of cox, my ACCOUNTS! Interesting units I have for this sem anyway =) Gonna work hard (& of cox, at the same time play hard) which means less sleep as more time is needed for my studies.. Met up with friends like Mark, Tiong, Abel, etc.. Kinda miss them.. Get to know some new friends too..

Anyway, Jenny is finally in Monash this sem, taking the same double degree I'm taking.. Good luck to you babe =) I'm happy cox there's another dearie fren to entertain me.. Buahahhahaaa.. Went to Bar Celona last night with Amelia, her friends, Tiong, Bryan.. Saw Wei Lip over there too with the usual.. Ahhh.. I'm confused with something.. But just let it be & I guess time will answer everything.. Going over to Bar Celona (AGAIN!!!) 2night.. Bryan is going back Sabah next week & he just finished his last paper 2day.. Been sometime since I had seen him.. Although it's like only 2 months but we used to hang out like everyday so it feels so long..! No Maison 2night for those who had been asking me to go.. & they say there might be quite a mess in KL due to arrest of Anwar & stuff... Gtg.. Pics upload 2morrow..

Loves =)

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