Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Birthday wishes to my lougong ♥ Chim Yee Yin ♥

Been besty for nine years since year 2001. Well, I don't really remember when we know each other, maybe Junior 5? or 4? But well, definitely we are besty since Standard 6. With all the mushy kisses & hugs. After so long, even when we left high school & each went on our own different journey, our time together getting lesser with you in Nilai & me in Sunway, our friendship still remains. I remember lots of things which I can tell you but no other people & lots of things which I can't tell you because I doesn't want to corrupt you.

Remember how we spend our time playing dressing up *well I forced you to dress up* over at my house before we went out?
Remember all the time we spend on the corridor & back of the glass, glued together, hugging & kissing to ward off guys? *Lol. That was in primary school*
Remember the time we spend playing & praticising basketball over at Batu 11?
Remember how you admit your secret crushes to me & how I went through my tongs of guys & how we laughed at how different we are?
Remember how difficult it was for us to communicate when we just knew each other with me not knowing how to speak Mandarin & you not knowing how to speak Cantonese? *Thanks God that I can speak Mandarin now*
Remember all the nights you spend at my house, chatting till whee hours in the morning & still how early in the morning you'll get up just to get down to the front door & spend time alone with my dog?
Remember all the time I was down & I cried on your shoulder or ran to you just for a hug?

I remember all.

And I'm really thankful that God had given me a true friend like you.

Its your birthday & I can't spend it with you because you're miles away over in Shanghai, studying & pursuing your dreams. I wish you a very happy birthday, wishing that your dreams come true & you will remain your happy-go-lucky-girl-status^^

I'll see you in a week time! Can't wait for you to be back & guess you & me both have lots to tell each other. Cheers to sleepless night!

Me & You
♥ High-school kisses
I guess you like this picture but I do look weird in it ==" But anyhow, since you like it, I'll post it =D How many years dy huh? 4 years back I guess when this picture is taken. Or maybe 5?
And finally.
♥ Our sleepless night
This is one thing that I can't wait for

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